Preparing Your House for Moving Day!!

When itmoving When it comes to packing up your house and moving all your items, it can be a daunting task that can almost immobilize even the most type-A personality. But by breaking down such a task into easy, manageable bits it becomes easier to swallow what must inevitably be done. And don’t forget, you can always take the easier route (if it could be called that) and hire a moving company to pack for you as well. Just keep in mind, hiring a mover comes with its own stress.


Now that you’ve decided to pack your house yourself, here are a few steps to make the job more manageable and less stressful:

  • First, begin months ahead of the move date. If you’re selling your house you would do this before you put the house on the market. And with the way inventory has been going in the Treasure Valley, your moving day could be sooner than you anticipate. Begin by de-cluttering your house. For each item ask yourself 1) Do you love it? 2) Do I use it? 3) Do I need it? If you can’t answer yes to two of the three then donate it or throw it away. Having a garage sale can help, and the proceeds from the sale can help with the moving expenses. Inevitably when you’re unpacking at your next house and haven’t gone through the whittling down process, you’ll ask yourself, “Why did I pack this?” Even going through whittling down process, you may find yourself saying that if just given the number of items that need unpacked and put away at your new place.
  • Pare down your pantry – Each one of those cans of food is going to have to be removed, whether you donate to a food bank or move to the next house. So start eating what you have and don’t buy any more unless you’ll eat if before your moving date. This goes for your freezer and fridge goods as well. If you’re moving a long distance, you’ll have to make arrangements to keep the food at the appropriate temperatures. The less you have to worry about the less stress you’ll have.
  • Consider storage – If you are removing furniture and decorations and don’t have storage in your garage or shed consider renting storage or pods a short-term options while your house is on the market. Items that won’t be used in your new location should not be put in storage; instead donate or sale those items.
  • Make appropriate arrangements – Remembering to switch utilities and cable and internet will help you to have a smooth transition on your first day in the new house. If you have children who would benefit from being offsite on moving day, make arrangements for a sitter – it will also make the day easier on you as you’ll have one less distraction. Consider a pet sitter for pets if that would ease the move day stress for them as well.

Remember the pre-planning ahead of time will help when it’s time to get to the packing.

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