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Preparing Your House for Moving Day!!

When itmoving When it comes to packing up your house and moving all your items, it can be a daunting task that can almost immobilize even the most type-A personality. But by breaking down such a task into easy, manageable bits it becomes easier to swallow what must inevitably be done. And don’t forget, you can always take the easier route (if it could be called that) and hire a moving company to pack for you as well. Just keep in mind, hiring a mover comes with its own stress.


Now that you’ve decided to pack your house yourself, here are a few steps to make the job more manageable and less stressful:

  • First, begin months ahead of the move date. If you’re selling your house you would do this before you put the house on the market. And with the way inventory has been going in the Treasure Valley, your moving day could be sooner than you anticipate. Begin by de-cluttering your house. For each item ask yourself 1) Do you love it? 2) Do I use it? 3) Do I need it? If you can’t answer yes to two of the three then donate it or throw it away. Having a garage sale can help, and the proceeds from the sale can help with the moving expenses. Inevitably when you’re unpacking at your next house and haven’t gone through the whittling down process, you’ll ask yourself, “Why did I pack this?” Even going through whittling down process, you may find yourself saying that if just given the number of items that need unpacked and put away at your new place.
  • Pare down your pantry – Each one of those cans of food is going to have to be removed, whether you donate to a food bank or move to the next house. So start eating what you have and don’t buy any more unless you’ll eat if before your moving date. This goes for your freezer and fridge goods as well. If you’re moving a long distance, you’ll have to make arrangements to keep the food at the appropriate temperatures. The less you have to worry about the less stress you’ll have.
  • Consider storage – If you are removing furniture and decorations and don’t have storage in your garage or shed consider renting storage or pods a short-term options while your house is on the market. Items that won’t be used in your new location should not be put in storage; instead donate or sale those items.
  • Make appropriate arrangements – Remembering to switch utilities and cable and internet will help you to have a smooth transition on your first day in the new house. If you have children who would benefit from being offsite on moving day, make arrangements for a sitter – it will also make the day easier on you as you’ll have one less distraction. Consider a pet sitter for pets if that would ease the move day stress for them as well.

Remember the pre-planning ahead of time will help when it’s time to get to the packing.

*Silverhawk Realty (Treasure Valley and Western Treasure Valley Real Estate) and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.




Doug Milligan – Featured Agent

DMilligan Picture - Copy


My family and I have lived in Eagle ID for over 10 years. After graduating from Idaho State University with a BBA in Accounting, I later earned my CPA. In addition to my real estate experience in new home construction, land and resort development, I bring a wealth of financial management experience. This expertise provides me with a well balanced mix of analytical and interpersonal skills enabling me to assist my clients achieve their real estate goals and produce great results. You can contact me with all your Real Estate needs – 208.695-8600!!



Myra Attebery – Featured Agent


Myra Attebery Pic

It seems like a very short time ago that I graduated from Pioneer Real Estate School in Boise, ID and then obtained my Idaho Real Estate License in March of 2005.  Since that time I have enjoyed meeting and helping people with a variety of real estate needs. As a life-long Idaho resident, I have lived in the Fruitland area for more than 40 years.  My knowledge of the local area, continuing real estate education and experience directly benefit the clients I serve. Also it has been a rewarding experience to be involved in the local Board of Realtors.  I have served as a Director for three terms and Scholarship Committee Chairman for eight years.  A highlight of my real estate career was being chosen Realtor of the Year in 2013 by the Payettte-Washington County Board of Realtors.

My family is a very important part of my life.  I have three grown children – Clint, Christy & Casey and two grandchildren – Lilly & William.  We enjoy family gatherings as often as possible. In closing, I would appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your real estate business.

My passion is helping Sellers and Buyers achieve their real estate goals. Call today – 208-740-9471!

Myra Attebery


Art Perera – Featured Agent!!

Arthur Perera PictureBefore moving to Boise in 2014, I was a high tech sales executive for 32 years working for technology companies in Silicon Valley. After I earned my real estate license in California, I knew I was in the right industry because I love helping people. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the right home for someone or helping them sell their home so they can move on with their life. Boise is the right environment for me because of the lifestyle, people work so they can have a life and not the other way around. I am able to surround myself with kind hearted people who are also very talented and willing to help others. Since most of the work related to real estate depends on technology, I am glad I was able to transfer my technical skills and make my client’s transactions go smoother and faster. Call today . . . 208-866-6411!



By ALX GEORGE ageorge@idahopress.com

By ALX GEORGE ageorge@idahopress.com








We couldn’t agree more!

Read more from the Idaho Press-Tribune on Dutch Bros CEO true success story – “All You Need Is LOVE!”

NAMPA — Four-hundred people gathered Wednesday evening to celebrate the Nampa Chamber of Commerce’s annual Evening of Excellence. This year marks 125 years for the chamber.

Travis Boersma, CEO and co-founder of Dutch Bros. Coffee, was the guest speaker.

Boersma founded Dutch Bros. 25 years ago in Grants Pass, Oregon, with his brother Dane with a double-head espresso machine, a pushcart and experimental brews.

Now, the company has 260 locations in seven states, including Idaho.

Mark McFall – Featured Agent!

Mark McFall Pic - CopyMark’s passion and devotion of serving his clients come from variety of business ventures.  Mark has been in the real estate industry since 2009.  He specializes in all aspects of commercial real estate business.  From industrial, retail, and office, Mark’s experience and diverse background from industrial equipment to high end coffee cafes, allows him to match a client’s needs to specific properties.

Mark served as Sales Manager for a major regional metal fabrication and manufacturing company, building long lasting relationships with clients like Star Bucks, Boeing Aircraft Company, Amazon.com, Budweiser, Waste Management, Republic Waste and Allied BFI.

As Vice President of a national coffee roaster and franchiser, Mark developed marketing and sales strategies for the companies’ coffee cafes nationwide.  Mark was responsible for the site selection of the cafes and the business development.   Developed relationships with Cost Co, Albertsons, Walmart and Jacksons Food Stores.

Mark served 14 years United States Air Force and Idaho National Guard as Air Frame Repair, Crew Chief and MOC.  Attended Boise State University Business Management and served as Student Senator.

Hobbies and interests are:  Building and restoring old Hot Rods, old cars and custom metal fabrication.  Mark is an avid outdoorsman, hiking, back packing and mountain biking.


Amy Brown – Featured Agent

My husband and I have beeAmy-Brown-Picture2n married for 23 years and we have five fabulous children.  We love watching science fiction shows / movies and talking about our favorite books.  We love raising our children here in the Treasure Valley.

I grew up here in the Treasure Valley.  I know it and I love it here.  I have volunteered with the Payette Public Library and the Boy Scouts.  I am currently serving as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Four Rivers Association of Realtors.  We serve the communities in Payette, Washington, and Malheur Counties.

My passion is homes.  I love working in real estate where I can work with home owners who own all sorts of different homes.   I have extensive background in design and photography.  My clients get advice on how to best stage their homes for sale and they get great listing photography so their property stands out from the crowd.  I can also help you buy a home with my knowledge of home design and the local market.  I am licensed in Idaho and Oregon, I can help you with any home in the area.  Call today . . . 208-600-9011!

Visit: www.AmyBrown.SilverhawkRealty.com

Tax Reform: Do No Harm To Home Ownership



There’s been quite a ruckus over President Trump’s first few months in Office as he begins to forge his path as America’s forty-fifth president. He has already ruffled a few feathers and caused strong opposition from different fronts as he set to work “making America great again.” With such uncertainty many are wondering just what changes will occur and how they will affect American lives. This uncertainty also reaches into the real estate industry. With much talk about the elimination of the mortgage interest deduction in the months prior to Trump’s first days in the Oval Office, many are wondering what other changes will likely affect real estate, housing inventory and lending practices.

Most would agree that Trump is a wild card as there has not been another president like him in the past. Without a comparison to get a base-line on our new leader, many are scrambling for solid ground as “what-if” stories are circulating through the media. Truly a man of and to himself, he has a different outlook on how he will run America. Just because things are going to be different doesn’t necessarily mean things will be negative or for the worst. Everyone will have their own opinions and each rightly owns their opinions. But we’ll stick to the facts and take a look at what could be in store for American real estate and the potential effects on the market.

Trump is a real estate mogul and understands the benefits of real estate as an investment. Some say because of this he will continue to be a friend to the real estate industry. And it is no surprise that Trump is a supporter of fewer business regulations. Fewer business regulations would allow lending companies more flexibility in negotiating with underwriters and allow non-traditional lenders to enter the lending field. Small-sized banks typically fund construction and land development. Decreasing compliancy cost for small banks means more loans will be processed and spur the housing market creating more inventory, which has been lower than usual. Also, less regulatory land-use and zoning burdens for construction would lower the cost of building and developing. With more money to build more will be built.

With much talk and speculation about the tax changes bound to be implemented, Trump is looking for the most advantageous tax structure that could possibly prompt holding companies to sell investment real estate. As the mortgage interest deduction, property tax deduction, and exemptions on capital gains from home sales are all looking at some form of tax reform. Realtors are holding strong to the belief those are not to be “harmed” or altered in any way. We, as an industry, will continue to educate our elected officials as to the importance of home ownership and its intrinsic benefits to the individual homeowner and the community as a whole. Real Estate will always be a good investment and the broad benefits it provides to families and communities are too important not to protect!


*Silverhawk Realty (Treasure Valley and Western Treasure Valley Real Estate) and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

Ron Jeleniewski – Featured Agent

Ronald's Business PhotoYour Satisfaction is My #1 Priority!

There is no question that Idaho is a State of natural beauty. My wife and I have traveled Idaho from border to border and have lived in several different locations. The mountains, lakes, rivers, trees and open spaces make Idaho one of the most scenic places in the United States. Best of all, there is still plenty of room for growth!

I specialize in Residential Properties (Existing Homes and New Construction);Small Acreage, Farm and Recreational Properties. I love “the hunt” to find just the right property for my clients; or the right Buyers for my client’s property! As an experienced businessman, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, I also offer extensive expertise in various entrepreneurial Real Estate Investments. Please call, or email me today, so we can discuss the things that are important to you regarding your home or investment – 208-871-4170.

Cell #:  208-871-4170

Visit my website – http://www.homeinid.com/